We Need You!

Two Ways to Donate:

Soul Circle is committed to cultivating a culture of health and wellness by helping Women, Girls, and Those Who Support Them Reclaim their Power through community-based, health-centered, and socially-conscious theatre and art-making

There are clear barriers to women, especially Women of Color (WOC), when it comes to fundraising. As of 2019, WOC account for 50% of women-owned businesses and generate $422.5 billion in revenue for the economy. Yet, out of $85 Billion in VC funding last year, WOC only received less than 1%. As a Black WOC-owned business, we are crowdfunding due to these disparities. Crowdfunding is a way to call upon our community and allies in order to gain the support and energy needed to continue to fuel and expand Soul Circle’s mission and goals. Your contribution will help support finding a physical location, bringing low-reduced cost services to everyone no matter their zip code, and other operating costs!